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Corey Hines

Corey Hines, the President of Tejas, began his journey with us as an entry-level NDT Technician. Through unwavering commitment and an unparalleled work ethic, Corey ascended through the ranks, holding pivotal roles such as NDT Manager and General Manager, ultimately reaching the pinnacle as President of the company.

Corey has a passion for the diversity of life. Whether he's working on his Classic Muscle Cars, navigating off-road trails in his custom Jeep, sailing & scuba diving with his Charter Captain's License, or simply unwinding in the rural tranquility of his property in the Ozark Mountains, Corey finds beauty in the multifaceted aspects of experiences. However, above all else, Corey is a true "People Person." His dedication to fostering a sense of community within Tejas that most importantly extends outward to every one of our Customers is the driving force behind our success. It's the "people" aspect and Corey's unwavering commitment to the individuals who make up our team that matter most to him coupled with the idea that our customers and partners alike are “Our People”.

This remarkable journey embodies the spirit of Tejas - a commitment to fostering talent, providing opportunities for growth, and recognizing the potential within our team members and our Customers in their endeavors. Corey's rise to the top is a living example of our core values in action.

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