Your People Partner

We Test, Inspect, Operate & Maintain

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Project Lifecycle

When it comes to your project, we ensure thorough inspection and testing while the project is being built, guaranteeing quality and compliance every step of the way. Our commitment doesn't end there. We offer comprehensive operations and maintenance services, ensuring smooth operation while the plant is running, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Moreover, we cater to all your professional personnel needs, serving as "Your People Partner", providing skilled and dedicated personnel to support your projects and operations.

Solutions & Support Services For the Energy Industry

PDI is committed to delivering efficiency through quality Maintenance, Inspection, and Testing solutions at fair and equitable prices and through exceptional service. We work hard to acquire the most talented personnel, to ensure daily productivity, and our staff delivers decades of experience in oil and gas and renewable energy operations.

Inspection & Testing - "While the project is being built"

Operations and Maintenance - "While the plant is running"

All your professional personnel needs - "Your People Partner"

Driving Success Through Commitment & Sustainability

Our management team is committed and remains incredibly involved in the daily business and believes that sustainability, profitability, reputation, and a winning culture can be achieved by remaining a mid-sized services firm. We believe this is the best vehicle to deliver high quality services to a regional geo-market.

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Our Human Plus Strategy

Our people are our highest priority, the strategy we coin as “Human Plus.” We are focused on developing a diverse and inclusive workforce by supporting both individual and professional aspirations that each team member seeks to ascertain, which is a key marker of our culture. We believe that experiences, growth, and contribution make up the DNA of a healthy and purposeful career and life. The journey is not made to be sought alone, and your work family can be a major positive influence in the journey. We seek to engage our staff and continue to support their journey as both the company and we individually grow.