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PDI Solutions provides the oil and gas industry a vast array of products and services for both land and offshore locations.

We focus primarily on the industry’s production and marine operations.

Oil & Gas rig

Multi-disciplined production personnel are available to work your land or offshore job sites, including all levels of production operators, electricians, instrumentation technicians, clerks, dispatchers, project managers, consultants and safety compliance personnel. See our Instrumentation & Electrical and Production Services  page for additional details.

Our Glycol & Process Equipment Department is dedicated to providing all aspects of service and repair for gas dehydration systems, as well as most other production process equipment. Dehydration unit services include chemical cleaning, service, repair and maintenance of glycol pumps, valves, controls, heat exchangers, burners and more. We also provide laboratory analysis of glycol samples, dehydration unit filter sales, and a pump exchange program. See our Glycol & Process Equipment page for additional details.

Our Inspection Services Department provides Quality Assurance and support personnel, welding procedures and various other services. Our clients include oil and gas producers, gas transmission companies, manufacturing facilities, fabricators and installers. We have serviced our clients all along the Gulf Coast, both offshore and onshore, and internationally in the Middle East and South America. We provide high quality, trained, certified specialists to ensure conformity with industrial specifications and customer requirements for new equipment manufacture, on-site activities and in-service inspections. PDI Inspections has the solution to meet your third party QA/QC needs. See our Inspection Services page for additional details.

For more information on any of the products and services PDI Solutions provides, please call our office at (985) 447-3381.

Glycol & Process Equipment Solutions To meet the needs of our clients in the oil and gas industry, PDI Glycol and Process provides an extensive list of products and technical support to our clients process and dehydration equipment, both on land and offshore.
I&E Services PDI Solutions highly experienced  I&E, SCADA, and pneumatics personnel support our clients’ job sites all over the world. Our employees work to ensure the success, safety, and efficiency of marine and production operations both on land and offshore.
InspectionsThe PDI Solutions team includes many of the industry’s highest-performing inspectors ready to serve our clients’ needs 24 hours each day. These top-notch inspectors ensure quality on job sites both on land and offshore. Inspections personnel include Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), Certified Paint and Coating Inspectors (NACE, SSPC), Electrical, and QA/QC Inspectors.
PRODUCTION SUPPORT PDI Solutions employs some of the oil and gas industry’s most experienced production personnel to support clients’ job sites and maintain safe, maximum production daily. Our employees work to ensure the success and efficiency of production operations both on land and offshore.



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